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For long, providing business solutions to other's companies, but didn't get a chance or time to start your own perosonal one?


Welcome to Marketplace of Oracle's Skills.


 Employee -> to ->Entrepreneur is arguably worlds first business oriented marketplace for Oracle skills. Whether you are a working consultant or just interested to explore options to start your business in the field of Oracle, OraProfiles is the place. store is our main area where you can sell your Oracle related items(developments,doc,trainings,custom products..). Please visit our FAQ section to know more about store.


 1. Build your shop :

Just like any other real market, we require you to build your profile which represents your shop. If you want to sell your oracle skills, get ready with your skills and self rate them. After completely making your shop ready and making available what you have to offer to other customers(like you are okay to receive part time jobs), send us a request to get your "OraProfiles rating". This rating combined with your self rating of skills puts a sense of trust in your target customers.


2. Generate and exchange your custom business card :

OraProfiles automatically generates a business card for you based on your profile, which you can directly send to the many prospect customers/employers who are registered at What's more? You can even embed this card on your blog or website, which directly links the visitor to your OraProfiles shop. Thus bringing more leads to you. To use this facility,  simply get your business card embed HTML and include it in your blog.


OraProfiles automatically takes care of synching your card with your OraProfiles shop. That means whenever you add any new skill with higher self ratings,it's automatically added to your card. No hassle of maintenance of card at different places. Once delivered, always latest.

Card's sent by others can be seen in your Card Holder at OraProfiles. 


3. Get instant resumes to directly earn referral money :

Your organization has an opening and you want to make some instant money using referrals? Directly get authenticated resumes from OraProfiles and send it to your HR. It's that simple. No hassle of roaming around. In order to maintain the trust and authenticity, we try to verify the members and their resumes. Which means you simply directly get the verified resume.  Moreover, you can directly communicate with the person, whom you are referring. Isn't it easy?


 4. Publish the jobOraProfiles member shares jobs. You can post a job in your organization and OraProfiles member may express their interests in your jobs. This is another way of collecting referrals.


6. Get closer to clinch the job : Alternate way,If you are looking for a job, you can look for our job postings by the  members. This way we are trying to remove the hassle of mediator companies. Thus, both you and the company get better deals.


7. Looking to train your self in new skills? 

OraProfiles is the specialized place for Oracle skills training sharing. Choose from the trainings posted by our members. Directly communicate with them (The trainer). Co ordinate with the trainer to get trained at your own convenience.


8. Want to sell your skills as a trainer?

If you feel your self very good in some skill and are willing to offer trainings,you are welcomed here. Post your own training offers and collect leads from authenticated working Oracle professionals who may be interested to join your training offer. You can directly co ordinate with the prospect trainee to customize the training program as it suits to both you.


9. Get Oracle customer's insight :

OraProfile's care team provides you with intelligent articles and Oracle customer's information, which most probably you hadn't even heard about. This further helps you target and locate your business or job opportunities with directly with those Oracle customers. In other words, you get new clients information, free of cost.


10. Look out who looked at your profile is a place for transparent business. Get to know who did visit your profile and when. Contact them back if you think you can receive some job leads or part time offers from them.