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Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation
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live virtual class Ace charges INR 5 days (Full Week) English English

This training program is provided by an Oracle university trainer at comparatively lower price.

This Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation training teaches you the steps needed to implement Oracle Fusion Tax, Subledger Accounting, Payables, Payments, and Cash Management. Experienced Oracle University instructors teach you how to follow the Financials Rapid Implementation task list in Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager.

Learn To:

  • Identify the key concepts of Oracle Financials Rapid Implementation that determine a successful implementation.
  • Use the Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Oracle Financials.
  • Discuss the common applications configuration for Financials.
  • Understand integration points, implementation considerations, and enterprise structures.
  • Set up Oracle Fusion Tax, subledger accounting rules, Payables, Payments, and Cash Management.
  • Test your setups by creating an invoice, paying the invoice,reconciling the payment in Cash Management, and accounting for the transactions in General Ledger.

Benefits to You


Ensure a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of Oracle Payables to Cash Management. Taking this course helps you better understand the configuration options so you can make improved decisions during your implementation. You walk away with the skills to optimize the set up so that you can effectively manage your financial processes in Payables to Cash Management.

Investing in this course also gives you access to hands-on practices where you can apply your new knowledge to solving issues you encounter on the job.

Working with Oracle University instructors, you'll learn from experienced experts who have a deep understanding of how this technology works.

Please Note

This course is relevant for any customers using Fusion Applications through Release 11.1.11. It's beneficial for both Oracle Cloud and on-premises deployments.

This course includes a preview of Release 12 new features

  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analyst
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Configuration Implementer

Oracle Fusion Cloud: Payables to Cash Management Implementation Overview

  • Discuss Oracle Financials Cloud Applications
  • Understand the course schedule
  • Understand how Payables to Cash Management fits into the Procure to Pay Flow
  • Explain various tasks used to configure Payables to Cash Management

Introducing Oracle Fusion Navigation

  • Navigate Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Explore dashboards
  • Examine panels
  • Review infolets and infotiles

Introducing Functional Setup Manager

  • Describe Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
  • Browse and configure offerings and functional areas
  • Review the Oracle Fusion Financials offering
  • Review the reports associated with the Oracle Fusion Financials offfering
  • Create an implementation project
  • Explain setup data export and import

Overview of Security

  • Understand the Cloud security methodology
  • Plan your use of the security implementation
  • Identify the components of data security and tasks associated with these components
  • Discuss how roles can be assigned automatically or manually to users
  • Explore the new Security Console to customize users
  • Review the audit reports and resources

Enterprise Structures and Ledgers Overview

  • Understand enterprise structures
  • Describe reporting structures setups
  • Understand ledgers
  • Undestand Rapid Implementation tasks

Configuring Business Units and Reference Data Sets

  • Explain Business Unit features
  • Discuss business unit considerations
  • Define business units
  • Explain reference data sets and business functions
  • Discuss reference data sharing

Configuring Oracle Fusion Payables

  • Describe Payables terminology
  • Discuss the flow of default values
  • Understand the required tasks to configure Payables
  • Discuss the optional tasks to configure Payables

Configuring Oracle Fusion Tax

  • Describe Oracle Fusion Tax as a centralized tax solution
  • Use the Rapid Implementation spreadsheets
  • Explain how tax is calculated on transactions
  • Explain foundation tax configuration
  • Explain advanced tax configuration
  • Explain tax reporting configuration
  • Test and validate your tax configuration


  • Understanding the supplier model
  • Discuss supplier sites
  • Create a supplier

Payables Invoices

  • Understand the invoice process
  • Describe the invoice types
  • Understand invoice components
  • Discuss invoice validation
  • Understand invoice approval
  • Create a manual invoice from the Fusion Payables landing page and from a spreadsheet

Configuring and Using Subledger Accounting

  • Explain the role of accounting methods in the Create Accounting process
  • Understand the key features of accounting methods
  • Configure and manage accounting methods
  • Discuss the Create Accounting process
  • Undestand manual journal entries and adjustments
  • View the created journal entries

Configuring Oracle Fusion Payments: Payables

  • Manage payment system connectivity
  • Manage payment methods
  • Define payment method defaulting rules
  • Define payment codes
  • Understand payment process profiles
  • Explain disbursement system options
  • Understand and submit a payment process request

Configuring Oracle Fusion Cash Management

  • Understand the key features of Cash Management
  • Define banks, branches, and accounts using the Rapid Implementation process
  • Configure bank statement processing and reconciliation
  • Perform automatic reconciliation
  • Describe the new features for R11

Reporting for Payables, Payments, and Subledger Accounting

  • Describe BI Publisher reports for Payables
  • Understand Oracle Transaction BI reports for Payables
  • Discuss infotiles for Payables
  • Describe BI Publisher reports for Payments
  • Describe BI Publisher reports for Subledger Accounting

Appendix A: Common Application Topics

  • Managing Geographies
  • Manage Oracle Social Network objects
  • Managing US Withholding Tax and Reporting
  • Define Approval Management
  • Define flexfields, lookups, profile options, attachements, and trees.
  • Configure Financial Reporting Center
  • E-Business Suite notes

  • Learn the major implementation components for Oracle Fusion Payable, Payments and Cash Management
  • Test your setups of Payables to Cash Management
  • Identify the key concepts of Oracle Financials Cloud Offering that determine a successful implementation
  • Learn the major implementation components for Oracle Fusion Tax
  • Learn how to use Oracle Functional Setup Manager to implement Oracle Fusion Payables
  • Learn the major implementation components for Oracle Fusion Payments
  • Learn the major implementation components for Oracle Fusion Cash Management
  • Discuss the common applications configuration for Payables to Cash Management