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Oracle Risk Management Cloud: Financial Reporting Compliance Fundamentals
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live virtual class Ace charges INR 3 days (Full Week) English English

This training program is provided by an Oracle university trainer at comparatively lower price.

This training teaches Oracle's Best Practice Process and Solution for streamlining processes and automating labor-intensive tasks for financial reporting compliance with SOX and similar mandates. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to document risks and controls, automate assessments, address issues and certify internal controls.

Learn To:

  • Explain Financial Reporting Compliance activities.
  • Use a data migration utility to import control and risk definitions.
  • Secure the application.
  • Manually create risks and controls and define their relationships to each other.
  • Assess the effectiveness of risks and controls definition.

Benefits to You


Ensure a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of Oracle Financial Reporting Compliance. Taking this course helps you better understand the configuration options so you can make improved decisions during your implementation and continued use. You'll walk away with the skills to optimize the setup and use of the application so you can effectively manage your financial risks and controls.

Participate in Hands-On Labs

You'll get a chance to apply new knowledge to your daily job through participating in hands-on lab exercises.

Note:This course includes a preview of Release 12 new features

  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Reporting Manager
  • Controller
  • Cloud User
  • Auditor

  • Apply the Financial Reporting Compliance Best Practice Solution, which streamlines Financial Reporting Compliance implementations
  • Create new risks and controls, relate controls to risks, and create test plans to ensure that controls are correct, complete, relevant and effective
  • Create and address issues identified during financial reporting compliance activities
  • Configure the risk and control objects
  • Understand Oracle's Best Practice Process for financial reporting compliance
  • Understand how Financial Reporting Compliance enables you to manage your risk-control matrix
  • Migrate risk and control data from your existing systems into Financial Reporting Compliance